Terms & Conditions

1.  Advertisers are entitled to post a maximum of 3 job titles per posting.
2.   MIA will only accept postings which are related to accounting and finance regardless of the positions level.
3.  Advertisers are required to register as an ‘Employer Partner’ and advertisers will receive ‘Login ID’ and ‘password’. Firms registered with MIA are required to use their existing ‘Login ID’ and ‘password’ before posting any job vacancies.
4.  Each advertisement posted must be edited (if any) to comply with the Accountants Act 1967 and the Institute’s rules and regulations.
5.  Advertisements will only be published upon receipt of full payment from the advertiser.
6.  Firms registered with the Institute are entitled to post job vacancies without any charges (subject to point 1 – 4).
7.  Recruitment agencies are not allowed to disclose the advertiser’s company name and location for the respective positions advertised in the job posting.
8.  The advertisement contract is effective from the publishing date on Institute’s website. The advertisement will be automatically removed from the website once expired.
9. Advertisers need to inform at least one (1) week in advance if they wish to renew their advertising contract and continue the same advertisement at a specific period.